Well, I had high hopes of getting a lot more done on our Master Bedroom for the One Room Challenge, but it just didn’t happen.

We did make a little progress and when I look at where we are…

Compared to where we started…

So far we have:

  • Painted the walls and ceiling
  • Added a wallpaper accent wall
  • Painted the trim
  • Tore out the old flooring
  • Installed a chevron pattern floor
  • Added a new rug
  • Assembled and stained new nightstands
  • Upgraded our bed to a king size

Things we still need to do are:

  • Hang new light fixture
  • Build new headboard/footboard
  • Add hardware to dressers and nightstands
  • Hang new curtains
  • Build shelves
  • Add finishing touches

I am loving how much bigger, cleaner, and brighter our room is.

Closeup of the Wall Pops NuWallpaper

Stay tuned for more progress! Don’t forget to check out the other designers on the ORC!

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