Nightstand Makeover

Chalked Nightstand Makeover

It’s such a great feeling to take something that is beat up and give it new life. One of my clients was looking for new furniture for a guest bedroom, but they didn’t want to break the bank. I happened to find these nightstands on a Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade page and thought they were perfect.

The nightstands had quite a bit of wear and tear, but the size and shape of them were perfect for the room.

The nightstands had several deep scratches that it looked like someone tried to fix unsuccessfully with a furniture stain marker. A little wood filler and some light sanding and the scratches disappeared.

Even though, you aren’t required to prime before using chalk paint, I still prime. I’m a huge fan of Stix from Benjamin Moore. Even with just primer, the nightstand was looking better.

The top of the nightstand was painted with Rustoleum Chalked brand paint in a light gray color. The rest of the nightstand was painted using the white Chalked paint. Two coats and the nightstand was done.

I love that the Chalked brand has a matte clear coat that comes in a spray can or a paint can instead of waxing and buffing.

As a final touch, the handles were sprayed with a charcoal gray spray paint before being put back on.

I love how these nightstands turned out! They have a classic look to them and will look great in our room renovation.

Stay tuned for the full reveal!

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