When it came time to redo our kitchen, I knew there were some things that I definitely wanted to change. One was our kitchen island.

While I loved all the storage and counter space, our island didn’t leave much room for a dining room table…especially with barstools.

When we redid the floors, I talked my hubby into straightening the island and moving it 18 inches closer to the kitchen cabinets. We were able to reuse the existing cabinets, but the backs couldn’t be saved.

Unfortunately, we were left with edges that stuck out past the backs of the cabinets and the drawer glides also poked through. My initial thought was to do real shiplap, but I quickly realized it was too thick to go on the sides of the island. I then thought about doing 1/4 inch plywood cut into strips as faux shiplap. We then realized that we would have to reinforce the plywood so it wouldn’t bow in the center.

That was when I realized that I really just wanted subtle texture and that faux brick could work.

We attached some scrap strips to the backs of the cabinets using liquid nails and a few brads…we were ready for the faux brick.

We purchased a 4’x8′ brick wallboard from Menards that we cut to fit the back of the island.

It was simple to attach using liquid nails and brad nails. We then caulked the seams and added corner trim.

To achieve the sublet texture we were after, we whitewashed the faux brick panels.

The texture was perfect! Best of all, we had more room for our dining room table and still can comfortably work in the kitchen.

I love how it turned out!

I hope you enjoyed this transformation!

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