When we were in the process of building our new home, one thing I wasn’t willing to negotiate on was having a decent pantry. We ended up with a 5×5 corner pantry and I asked the builder to not install the wire shelves so that I could DIY Pantry Organization to our family’s needs.

Empty Pantry Before

I knew that I wanted our pantry to house all of our dry goods as well as some of our small kitchen appliances like our air fryer and toaster. So, I decided to create built in cabinets with a countertop and shelves above.

I purchased some Klearvue wall cabinet boxes from Menards. They were inexpensive and didn’t include the extras like doors and hinges.

I started by building a base out of 2x4s for the cabinets to sit on. I made sure the base was level and attached to the studs.

Frame for Cabinets

Once the frame was built, I installed a corner cabinet making sure it was level and screwed into studs.

Corner Cabinet Installed

I then proceeded to install a cabinet on each side of the pantry making sure they were level and attached properly to each other and the wall studs.

Pantry base cabinets installed

After all the cabinets were installed, I added shelves to each cabinet.

Pantry Base Cabinets with shelves

I couldn’t get over how much larger the pantry looked with the cabinets installed! There was so much room for pantry organization and we still had all the vertical space to go!

Stay tuned to see how we finished the rest of the pantry!

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