DIY Home Office Reveal

It is the end of the One Room Challenge and we made it…barely!

If you remember, my inspiration were these beautiful Pottery Barn Cabinets, but there is no way I could spend $3,500 on a cabinet x2 to fit the space.

When you can’t afford what you want, you DIY it.

I took stock Easthaven drawer cabinets from Home Depot to create the bases of my built ins.

Using 2 sheets of 3/4″ inch plywood and 2 sheets of shiplap paneling to create the top portion of the built ins. I trimed it out with 1x2s.

Lots of caulk, wood fill, and paint to make it look finished.

Then onto the fun stuff….decorating. I swear to you, it seemed like I had way more business/design books than what it looks like.

I created a reading corner using a chair and a table/lamp. You’ll notice the pillow has the same hexagon shape as the floor.

On the opposite wall, I was able to have my great-grandparent’s ice box brought into the room. This is one of my favorite things and I love that it fit in my office space.

I’m still in disbelief that this is my office!

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Office Progress – ORC Week 6

It’s Week 6 of the One Room Challenge…Only 2 weeks to go! Surprisingly, I actually have some office progress to share today…we may just make it after all.

Hexagon Tile Installed and Grouted

It only took 15 hours to install all the hexagon tiles and grout the whole floor. I love how it turned out!

This was the first floor that I’ve ever tiled and I made sure each tile was level with the tiles next to it. This made grouting so much easier and faster!

Office Progress – Final Tiles being installed

Not only did I finish the floor, I was also able to install the two small side cabinets and the countertop in between.

Office Progress – Finished Floors

We painted the walls Sherwin-Williams color Repose Gray and the window trim with Benjamin Moore Advance Paint.

There’s still a ton to do (build the bookcases, paint the built ins, install hardware, hang the curtains, wire the lights, add baseboards, etc), but I couldn’t help myself and had to start styling one of the corners.

Reading Nook

This table, chair, and hexagon pattern pillow creates a perfect little reading nook!

2 weeks to go! Wish me luck and don’t forget to check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge.

Hexagon Tile Floor – ORC Week 4

We are officially half way done with the Fall One Room Challenge! Based on that fact, you would think I would have the major components of the room done…or even started. But if you’ve been here a while, you know better.

At the end of last week, my only progress was cutting my countertop down and adding the Ditra XL to the floors in preparation of tiling.

Week 3 Progress – Ditra Install

While this week’s progress isn’t amazing, it still is forward momentum, especially considering that I’ve never installed a tile floor before. Most of it was done after the kids went to bed by the glow of a work light and warmth of a ceramic heater as we didn’t have power or heat.

To get started, I dry fitted some tiles to see where I wanted the cuts to be. I had been debating on where the tile should end, but once I marked where the doors would go, I realized I could have a full tile when I walked in and on the opposite back wall.

Dry Fitting the Hexagon Tile Floor

Once I figured out the placement from entry to the back wall, I found the center of the back wall and the the doorway and marked them. I also marked the center of my first tile and laid it. I used my laser to make sure that my first tiles were lining up straight with the doorway.

Installing the First Hexagon Floor Tiles

You wouldn’t believe how long these six tile took me to lay. I utilized the QEP LASH Flat Floor Leveling System (it’s two parts and a tool) to make sure my tile were evenly spaced and level which I verified with my small level.

Installing the Hexagon Floor Tiles

I decided to install all the whole tiles and fill in the cuts later on. I completely lucked out and a whole tile fit perfectly in front of the cabinets. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get that lucky again.

Between the construction crew working on the nearby basement stairs and the front porch, I wasn’t able to work on the floor as much as I would have liked. I made it about 2/3s of the way done with the whole tiles and will be wrapping up the rest of the floor this upcoming week.

End of Week 4 Tile Progress – Installed Hexagon Floor Tiles

If you also follow along on Instagram (@boxwoodathome), you saw that I also made some purchases for the room! I’ll show you those next week!

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Minor Office Progress – Week 3 ORC

I promise I have a lot of ideas for my office, but actually accomplishing them was a definite problem this week. Minor progress may even be an overstatement.

As a reminder, last week ended with the drywall finished and the base cabinetry counters installed.

Week 2 Progress

And, here it is at the end of week 3…

Ditra XL Installed

Tons of progress, right?

To be honest, I did get a few things checked off my list. I was able to get the electrical figured out for my printer drawer which consisted of cutting a hole in the side of my cabinet and plugging in this recessed power strip.

I also vacuumed and wiped the floor then applied mortar to adhere the Ditra XL uncoupling membrane to the subfloor so that it is ready for tile.

I also was able to cut down the other portion of the countertop. It will be ready to be installed as soon as the floor is finished and I’ve painted the walls.

Countertop cut to size

Lastly, I was able to dry fit the tile. I’m super excited for how it fits as I was nervous to attempt a hexagon floor tile.

My hope for this week is to install the tile floor and to get it grouted. I would also love to get the ceiling and walls painted so that I can work on the built ins the following week. However, we still have limited power in the house and no heat so it is slowing down the progress with the temperatures in the 40s and 50s.

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Budget Friendly Home Office – ORC Week 1-2

I am so excited to be participating in the Fall 2022 One Room Challenge. The challenge encourages participants to renovate a space in 8 weeks. You can follow along with other participants here.

When I signed up originally, I was planning to do our new laundry room, but we are several weeks away from the framing and inspections being complete.

So, what room did I choose instead?

Empty Home Office

I opted to renovate my new home office which is a blank slate. I have been running my own businesses for over 15 years and this is my first ever home office.

The space itself isn’t huge (it’s 8.5 feet deep by 14.5 feet wide), but I’m thankful for every square inch. The office is located right off of our main entry so one of my goals was to create enough storage to keep it clean and manage all my design samples, client files, reference books and more.

Budget Friendly Home Office Design

The design includes built-ins on the back wall, a desk floating in the middle, and an accent chair in the corner. While creating my moodboard for the challenge, I realized that I couldn’t afford most of the items that I love. We will be finding alternatives to create a designer office on a small budget.

Easthaven Drawer Bases

To create budget friendly built-ins, I purchased 4 unfinished Easthaven Drawer Bases from Home Depot. I originally planned to use butcherblock for the counters, but then found a faux marble countertop at Lowes that was perfect for my vision.

I started installing the cabinets by screwing two of them together and using shims to level them. I then attached them to the studs with 3 inch screws.

Cabinets and Counters installed

I then cut and installed the countertops leaving a small overhang. At the last moment, I decided to add a small 12” upper cabinet on the inside of the other cabinets to help support the long stretch of countertop.

Budget Friendly Home Office Base Cabinets Installed

Next week, we will be working on the built in shelves and adding lighting as well as picking up the tile for the floor.

Thanks for following along!

One Room Challenge – Final Reveal!!!

It has been 8 weeks since the beginning of the amazing One Room Challenge!

When I signed up for the ORC, we knew we would eventually be selling our house. What I didn’t plan for was that COVID-19 would hit, life as we knew it would be shutdown, and the ORC would be delayed.

By the time we were able to start the One Room Challenge, we were for sure selling our house, so I needed a plan for a room that could appeal to the masses while also fitting in with the rest of our home.

So, here is what our Master Bedroom looks like now!

Finished Master Suite

In case you forgot what it previously looked like, it was a sea of orange wood and brown tones.

Master Bedroom Before

So what did it all take to complete this transformation?

We started by painting the walls Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. It is a great color since it is a greige and can lean gray or beige. We also painted the ceiling white using Sherwin William CHB paint to hide any imperfections.

Accent Wall

We added an accent wall by using NuWallpaper Loft Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper from Amazon.

It was my first time ever hanging any form of wallpaper and it was surprisingly easy!

The old boob light needed to go, so we found a cost effective option from Wayfair.

The floor was the biggest change in the room. We went from brown bubbled carpet to a beautiful chevron pattern floor. The floor is Mannington Restoration Collection floor in the color Stone. With the help of my hubby, we were able to lay the floor ourselves and save quite a bit of money.

After the floors were in, we were able to put down a beautiful new rug from Rugs USA.

Then it was onto the pretty things. Since in person shopping was limited, I ordered my bedding from Wayfair, Target, and Amazon.

I found great black metal brackets on Amazon and added a piece of stained wood to create a shelf. It was styled completely from things I already owned.

Metal and Wood Shelf

I also created a little reading nook for me (or a spot for my husband to put on his socks). I love this chair from Walmart!

It is crazy to me how much bigger, brighter, and cleaner the room seems!

I’m a little sad that we waited until we were moving to do this project!

We decided to show our house last weekend and within 48 hours had 6 offers at or above our asking price. Im positive this space had something to do with it!

I just can’t get over how it turned out!


Thanks for following along on this journey! Don’t forget to check out the other designers on the ORC!

ORC Week 7 – Sneak Peek

Last week, I shared all the things that I still needed to do in our Master Bedroom for the One Room Challenge. Being so close to the finish line, you would have thought that I would have had a productive week.

To be honest, I was able to hang the light fixture, hang the curtains, and finalize the bedding, but the rest of the progress was slow due to deciding to sell our house.

I also did put in our new chair and a small side table for a reading area. It fits perfectly in the corner by the patio door.

So that’s the sneak peek! The final room reveal will be this week including a special custom build!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out thr other designers on the ORC!

Week 6 – One Room Challenge – Accent Wall

Well, I had high hopes of getting a lot more done on our Master Bedroom for the One Room Challenge, but it just didn’t happen.

We did make a little progress and when I look at where we are…

Compared to where we started…

So far we have:

  • Painted the walls and ceiling
  • Added a wallpaper accent wall
  • Painted the trim
  • Tore out the old flooring
  • Installed a chevron pattern floor
  • Added a new rug
  • Assembled and stained new nightstands
  • Upgraded our bed to a king size

Things we still need to do are:

  • Hang new light fixture
  • Build new headboard/footboard
  • Add hardware to dressers and nightstands
  • Hang new curtains
  • Build shelves
  • Add finishing touches

I am loving how much bigger, cleaner, and brighter our room is.

Closeup of the Wall Pops NuWallpaper

Stay tuned for more progress! Don’t forget to check out the other designers on the ORC!

Week 4 – ORC – Baby Steps Forward

This week my One Room Challenge progress was really slow with Memorial Weekend and spending time with my family.

New King size bed

But, we did manage to finish the floor, put in the rug, and assemble our new bed!

The Mannington Restoration Collection floor turned out beautifully! It was better than I could have hoped!

Mannington Restoration Collection Flooring

This upcoming week, I will be building a headboard and footboard…hopefully.

Ready to finish nightstands

The nightstands that we picked also need to be finished. They are solid wood with 3 drawers. They will be getting stained and new matte black hardware added.

Our room seems so much bigger and brighter already!

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Week 3 – ORC – Flooring

It’s Week 3 of the ORC! If you’ve been checking out the other designers and guests, their rooms are taking shape and are so inspiring!

This week we focused on installing new flooring and I love it!

New Chevron Floors

When we decided to redo our master bedroom, my hardest decision was what to do for flooring.

Our old flooring was bubbled brown carpet

We have beautiful tobacco brown wood floors in the hallway leading to the master bedroom and the master bath is tile. Since there is a patio door in the room, we really didn’t want to do carpet again. But with our existing hallway flooring discontinued, we had to find something else.

Then I saw a greige chevron floor that I thought had just enough brown to tie into the hallway without competing with it and enough gray/beige to tie into the tile.

Mannington Restoration Collection Flooring

The part I liked about the floor was that the chevron pattern came in planks instead of trying to calculate angles.

Installing the floor (poor nighttime lighting)

I’ve laid about half the floor and am hoping to get the rest done this weekend!

UPDATE: The floor is in!

The new chevron flooring in the daylight
Another angle of the chevron floor
The finished floor

Thanks for following me and the ORC!

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